BERGEN Group offers process and equipment for Surface Mount Technology(SMT) , Plated Through Hole Technology(PTH) production lines from our various European Partners.   In addition we offer allied tools and instruments for Research and Development(R&D), SMT rework and handling, 3D automatic optical inspection system (AOI), 3D solder paste inspection equipment & 3D x-ray inspection system.


Related Applications :

Cleaning Chemistry (Product Cleaning and Tools Cleaning)
Robotic Soldering
Micro-Material Process(PCBs& Antenna fabrication)
Low-pressure plasma system
Semi Automatic Pick&Place, Offline printer and reflow oven
Vacuum-soldering(Void-free soldering)
Aqueous Cleaning System for Electronics Manufacturing
Die Bonding
3D Solder Paste Inspection
SMT Pick & Place Machines, Printer
Reflow Soldering System
Wave Soldering
Selective Soldering System
Automatic Optical Inspection System
X-Ray and CT Inspection
Cuting Laser System
Wire Bonding
Storage for ESD material
SMD,BGA,PTH Rework System
Solder Baths
Electronic Hand tools