Webinar on India's Solar Outlook 2021

Webinar on India's Solar Outlook 2021

Hosted by EPR Magazine & powered by BERGEN GROUP


DATE: 22nd January, 2021

TIME : 11:30 AM IST


India’s renewable energy sector is the 4th most attractive renewable energy market in the world. India is currently at 136 GW of renewable energy generation capacity and is all set to achieve its 2022 target of 175 GW much ahead of time. It is expected to be at RE generation capacity of 220 GW by 2022. Lower cost of generation due to deflating cost of solar modules and expected R&D in the sector will further reduce the cost of generation and storage making it more lucrative of investments.

Also, China has recently announced to have 85 percent of their total generation from Solar. And interestingly, Indian government has set an ambitious target of having 450 GW of RE by 2030; this has opened up new and better opportunities for investments in the sector. GOI estimates investments of USD 20 Bn per year to meet this target. This makes 2021 outlook for financing, merger and acquisitions very promising.

On this note, EPR will be hosting a live interactive session on “India’s Solar Outlook 2021” on 22nd January 2021. In this 90-minutes session, industry experts will talk about reinventing the power sector with solar. They would also be talking about the roadblocks in terms of investments, required policy framework and consumer costs in achieving India’s ambitions towards solar.

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